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AFFORD aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in lowering the adoption barrier to use formal verification for the development of dependable software. The focus is not necessarily on safety-critical systems but also on main stream systems that still need to be reliable.

Workshop on Practical Formal Verification for Software Dependability



The FIARS workshop will be geared towards experience: lessons learnt from current software-related data studies, key issues in sharing data between academia and industry and means to encourage more collaboration.

Fostering Industry-Academic Software Reliability Studies



The goal of this workshop is to highlight the most pressing challenges and innovative solutions associated with program debugging. Experience reports from industry or empirical studies are also welcome.

Eighth IEEE International Workshop on Program Debugging



In this workshop, we look at specific reliability issues of software faults, defects, anomalies or bugs, for a wide variety of industries and types of systems with the goal to identify similarities, differences in processes, categorizations, diagnostics and solutions.

Second International Workshop on Software Faults



The objective of RFSD is to present work using reliability modeling to bring decision criteria for stopping a development phase such as design, test, validation etc, either at software or system level.

Using Software Reliability Figures to Manage the Software-Centric Systems Development



WoSAR is the premier international venue to discuss the recent advances and discoveries in theoretical and practical aspects of software aging and rejuvenation research.

Ninth International Workshop on Software Aging and Rejuvenation



WoSoCer welcomes contributions related to any area of critical software systems and certification. In addition, this 2017 edition encourages contributions on a special theme: the certification of autonomous and ML/AI (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) systems.

Seventh IEEE International Workshop on Software Certification