Bertrand Meyer

Politecnico di Milano, Innopolis University and Eiffel Software

Concrete steps to better software

Theoretical and long-term solutions to the issue of software reliability are plenty, but there is also a need for solutions, however imperfect, that will work today. Over the past ten years my colleagues and I have built tools that together can achieve a critical improvement in software quality. They all revolve around Eiffel but use a variety of techniques from the whole spectrum of programming languages and software verification: void safety, automatic testing, static analysis, program proofs. I will demonstrate these techniques and explain how they can be applied in practice.

Brief Biography

Bertrand Meyer is the founder of Eiffel Software and a Professor of Software Engineering  at the Politecnico di Milano and Innopolis University (Kazan, Russia), as well as Professor Emeritus at ETH Zurich. He is the author of several well-known books on object technology and software engineering, which originated a number of concepts in wide use today. He received the ACM Software System award, the IEEE Harlan Mills award and several others. His latest book, also the source of an EdX MOOC, is a tutorial and critical analysis of agile methods : “Agile! The Good, the Hype and the Ugly”.

Photo Jean-Loup Terraillon TBD

Jean-Loup Terraillon

Software Systems Lead Engineer, European Space Agency

Would any dependability technique have prevented Schiaparelli to land on Mars at 150 m/s? (Slides)

After having shown the many ESA successfull missions, including ExoMars 2016/Schiaparelli up to its entry in the Mars atmosphere, the presentation will recall the context of its landing. It will then describe some dependability practices in ESA context (standardisation framework, partitioning and integrated modular avionics, avionics harmonisation in the context of the SAVOIR initiative, Fault Detection isolation and Recovery (FDIR) process, model based avionics and FDIR) to assess if they could help a better landing of the ExoMars 2020 mission.

Brief Biography

Jean-Loup Terraillon is an aeronautical engineer from ISAE Sup'Aéro. He spent ten years in the domain of aircraft embedded software, then joined the European Space Agency at the European Space Technical Centre in the Netherlands, where he was a data handling engineer for spacecraft, then head of the on-board software engineering section. He is now software systems lead engineer, chairing the Avionics competence domain group. He is also discipline focal point for the ECSS software engineering standards, and co-chair of the Estec software licensing board. His main interests are on-board software reference architecture, model based software and avionics engineering, and avionics product lines in the frame of the SAVOIR initiative.